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Welcome to Nemesis

We meticulously craft top-tier paddles from the finest materials. Our commitment is to provide top-tier equipment to high-quality people.

Why We exist

We started Nemesis Pickleball to help get top-tier Pickleball gear in the hands of High-quality people.

That's me and my best friend in the whole world.

After sports injuries left us unable to compete in the sports we loved, for years we craved competition but had to find it in video games and corn hole lol. That all changed when our dad brought home a set of 4 wooden paddles (from amazon) and a portable pickleball net. We ended playing that night until the sun receded and our dad was tired of losing lol. Sorry dad.

This passion

turned into late nights of designing paddle prototypes and paddle combinations. After years of rigorous testing and over 10 different "Final" Prototypes (don't get me started), our flagship product and best seller, the Precision Pro was born.

The PRecision pro


Oil-Sanded Rub Finish

Our patent-pending Premium Oil-sanded finish creates difficult-to-return shots as a result of the aggressive ball spin.

Nemesis Proprietary

Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

Creates a large sweetspot that makes power shots and 3rd shot drops a breeze


NemesisX Carbon

Our anti-chip+ Carbon Fiber allows for a paddle that lasts longer by protecting the soft-core. It also comes standard with Omni-directional texture making control of the ball incredibly powerful.


Dry-Feel leather

Our premium leather handles are made to stay dry. Allowing you to play longer, and win more rally’s.

Nemesis Proprietary

Edge Guard+

Every Nemesis Paddle is tightly fitted and attached using thermo-technology.

Our Story

Built on Family

Founded in 2020 (what a year..) by a local Arizona family, we started Nemesis out of our dads garage, through a shared addiction and passion for pickleball in Arizona. John 3:16



The Venom T700

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The ultimate control paddle for balanced Pickleball players

Designed for competitors that look to win through patience and precision. The control of the T700 Carbon Fiber allows its wielder to attack with strategic dinks and wild top-spin putaways. WARNING: This paddle may cause your opponent unrelenting anger and cause them to blame their partner for every lost point.


"This paddle transformed my game overnight." 
- Cory Boehmer (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

"I prefer the Nemesis to my $300 Sel**** Paddle."  
- Shaq Daniels (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

 "I'm somewhat of a paddleholic.. tried them all from Gearbox to Selkirk, and I was very surprised at how well I played with the Venom. I think think this might be the best paddle dollar for dollar on the market rn." 

- Ben Lawrence (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)


• Core thickness: 13mm

• Core: PP Honeycomb
• Face: T700 Carbon Fiber
• Weight: 8.2-8.4 Oz
• Dimensions: 16" Length and 7.5" width 
• Grip circumference: 4.25" 
• Grip Length: 4" 
• USA Pickleball Approved


Discover the Venom T700

🐍 The Venom Core 

Master every shot with our 13mm Honeycomb Polypropylene Core which provides a powerful punch on putaways, and a soft touch for those barely-over-the-net dinks. Makes power shots and 3rd shot drives a breeze.


🐍 RAW T700x carbon fiber face

Command the court with the omnidirectional surface texture which increases the face's ability to grip the pickleball and add a superior level of spin giving you a competitive edge while remaining USA Pickleball compliant. Achieve maximum spin that will make your opponent dizzy.


🐍 Z360 Control

Feel the sweet spot that's designed to achieve the largest sweet spot for its size on the market while maintaining a perfect feel. The graphite itself is designed to provide this traction rather than a separate overlay, meaning it won't wear away over time and maintains a high level of performance. 


🐍 Upgrade today and receive a $15 paddle cover on us. 

- The Nemesis Team


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